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Nursing involves not only the act of bandaging a cut or scrape, or taking care of a common cold, stomachache, or headache; it also involves having an ear to listen, and a place for students to be able to express their feelings and concerns. The school nurse’s job involves continuous learning and constant sharing; both of which require devotion to academic excellence, a healthy and safe environment, and unrelenting giving of the heart.


Please make sure all students are up to date on their vaccinations. Whether online or in person, it is mandatory that all students be vaccinated by Virginia state law. If a student is not up to date, you should have been contacted by the school nurse. Please send all updated vaccination records to Nurse@kaa-herndon.com as soon as possible.

COVID – 19 updates

The coronavirus has been affecting our daily lives for many months now. We are all familiar with the practices needed to keep us and our loved ones safe. These include washing hands often, wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding touching our faces, and staying home when sick. Alhamdulillah, King Abdullah Academy was able to stay open safely for months performing these very practices. We made sure to take temperatures of all individuals entering the building or bus; anyone with a temperature of 100 or higher was sent home. We restricted visitation and provided devices for all students. This ensures easy access to online learning when they are unable to attend school and for those that have chosen virtual learning.

We have made the tough decision to remain virtual until January. This was necessary due to a positive case. We are also seeing an increase in numbers nation-wide. With the winter season approaching, we had an increase number of sick staff and students out for COVID testing. Many students have also reported impending travel and we feel that remaining virtual between the holiday breaks is the safest thing to do for our students and staff.

We are so thankful to our KAA families for being so supportive, your support is vital to our school remaining open.  When we return to the building, if someone in a student’s household, or someone a student has been in close contact with, has tested positive it is imperative that you are open and honest with us. Please let us know and please keep your child at home. We are using decision trees that help us determine who needs to be tested and when students can return to school. We will share the COVID – 19 decision trees that we have been using below. They are all updated regularly, and we update our practices accordingly. We will also link our Nurse’s Corner Coronavirus Resource Newsletter that has some tips to help your families with virtual learning, mental health, and physical health. Thank you all for your continued support during these times.

COVID-19 Decision Tree for Schools

When Should a Child Stay Home? Booklet

General tips and healthy practices:

Preventative Measures: Handwashing stops the transfer of any germs and bacteria that are on your hands. Hands should be washed for 20 seconds with warm soap and water. Sing the ABC song while washing hands this is equivalent of the 20 seconds, then dry thoroughly. Always cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Use a disposable tissue when available or practice the elbow cough.

Mental Health: Mental health is very important in the early and late stages of life. To take care of your mental health, talk about your feelings to someone you can trust. Implement good eating habits, sleep at least 8 hours a day, exercise and ask for help when needed.

Vision and Hearing Exams: Hearing and vision play an important role in communicating, and comprehending the daily classroom discussions and assignments. If misdiagnosed this can affect the student in many ways, including the ability to learn. School and home connections are very important. Parents and the school must work together to help students succeed. KAA encourages parents to show interest in the health and well-being of their children by helping the child to develop respect, responsibility, healthy eating habits, boosting motivation, and establishing good behavior. Please remember to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist and the audiologist.

Preventative measures to combat allergic reactions to seasonal allergies:
  • Administration of antihistamines such as Zyrtec and Benadryl.
  • When returning home remove clothing and wash immediately to prevent pollen allergen entering the home.
  • A saltwater nasal saline flush is helpful for a runny nose and congestion. Also, a saltwater gargle is helpful for an itchy throat and sneezing.
The nurse is available online during school hours for questions about school medical records and can be reached by:

Email: nurse@kaa-herndon.com
Phone: 703-785-8069

Sending thoughts of health and peace,          
Mona Abed RN, BSN

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