The Falcon Internship Program at KAA is designed to provide our diverse community of ambitious students with professional guidance and hands-on experience to facilitate college and career readiness.

Our internship program is an opportunity for our students to experience and observe the challenges and rewards of diligent and meaningful work under the supervision of a caring member of their school community. Drawing upon experiences from their lives and careers, alumni, parents, and other community members provide our students with personalized guidance that emphasizes the importance of education, effort, ethics, and passion for career success.

Following a rigorous application process, students are selected to participate in the Internship program during the Spring of their sophomore or junior year. During the ensuing Summer, qualifying students spend a minimum of 20 hours shadowing community professionals at their places of work where they gain both hands-on experience and individualized guidance from their mentors and their colleagues. Students work alongside their mentors, share meals with them, and engage in informal, but invaluably nurturing conversations. The program concludes with a final exit interview during which students receive a final evaluation of their performance, followed by sincere advice addressing each student’s personal college and career goals. During this final meeting students are also expected to deeply reflect on their experience and share their own observations and insights.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor then please complete the mentorship application form (click on the link below to download it).
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