College and Career Planning at King Abdullah Academy

College and career planning at the King Abdullah Academy are a student-centered, four-year process that supports each student’s pursuit of the opportunities that best suit their unique talents and ambitions. Beginning in the 9th grade students are introduced to the standards and expectations of American colleges and universities through assemblies and workshops and are offered personalized support during individual meetings. The program begins with the school curriculum itself which provides students with opportunities to explore a range of academic disciplines while still pursuing personal interests through projects, competitions, and extracurricular activities. The Academic counselor examines each student’s experiences in the classroom and in the school community to develop an individualized plan for college and career

A Holistic Approach to College Planning

At KAA we believe that the best college is the school that is the best fit for the individual student. When deciding which university or college to attend we challenge our students and their families to consider the social, cultural, and academic supports the school will provide rather than merely that school’s reputation or ranking. When developing a list of schools to apply to we encourage students to consider the following essential factors:
  • Academic relevance
  • Career Relevance
  • Cultural diversity
  • Support services for international students and English language learners
  • Muslim spiritual and cultural life
  • Programs Offered
  • Affordability
  • Size
  • Location
To ensure that students develop a plan that supports their own ambitions and satisfies the needs of their families, we believe parents should play an integral role during the planning process. We therefore encourage all students to have open, honest conversations with their parents about their college and career ambitions. Parents are also encouraged to schedule meetings with the Academic counselor when needed.

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  • SAT and ACT: College Admissions Tests

    The SAT, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and the ACT, the American College Test, are national college admissions examinations designed to assess a student’s reasoning in the areas ofnglish, Reading, Mathematics, and Science. Both tests offer questions that are directly related to knowledge and skills acquired in students’ high school courses. Students planning to attend universities in the United States must take one of these tests. To prepare for the SAT at KAA students takes the PSAT, a practice test, in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades.
  • When Should Students Take the Tests?

    Students should plan to take their first SAT or ACT test in the Spring of the 11th grade. We strongly encourage students to take their chosen test at least twice, with the second test scheduled for the Fall of their Senior year. Students who score below national benchmarks may be advised to take the test up to four times.
  • Who Needs to Take the SAT/ACT?

    Most American universities and colleges require all students, including international students,
    who have attended High School in the United States to take the SAT or ACT test. Although some schools no longer require students to submit test scores, we encourage all students who plan to attend university in the Unites States to take one of these tests.

KAA’s Grade-Level Information

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  • 9th Grade

    • Attend one workshop or assembly each semester. Topics may include cultivating academic interests, study skills, extracurricular activities, college admissions, the PSAT, and the MYP Personal Project.
    • Join at least one club that matches your interests and hobbies, play a sport, or volunteer in your community to support a cause that is meaningful to you.
    • Make an effort to meet with your teachers outside of class when you have questions or need individualized support.
    • Participate in weekly Advisory dialogues and meet with your advisor to discuss academic challenges and ambitions.
    • Schedule a meeting with Academic counselor when needed.
    • Identify a topic that really interests you for your 10th Grade Personal Project.
    • Take the PSAT at KAA in the Spring.
    • Read at least 4 books in addition to your assignments from class.
    • Do something productive over the summer – attend a class or camp, visit museums,
    • volunteer, write poems or stories, make art. Do anything that interests you.
  • 10th Grade

    • Attend one workshop or assembly each quarter. Topics may include community service opportunities, time management, college visits, and the IB Diploma program.
    • Develop and complete a Personal Project that aligns with your personal interests or college and career ambitions. We encourage you to pursue a project that can lead to additional extracurricular or academic achievements.
    • Take the PSAT at KAA in October.
    • Schedule a meeting with Academic counselor when needed.
    • Identify and participate in volunteer opportunities in your local community.
    • Meet with the Academic counselor and the Diploma Program coordinator in the Spring to discuss your participation in the IB Diploma Program.
    • Read at least 4 books in addition to your assignments from class.
    • Do something productive over the summer – attend a class or camp, visit museums, volunteer, write poems or stories, make art. Do anything that interests you.
  • 11th Grade

    • Attend one workshop or assembly each quarter. Topics may include preparing for the SAT, preparing for IB assessments, the Extended Essay, and internship opportunities.
    • Take the PSAT at KAA in October.
    • Begin meeting with the Academic Counselor in January to determine your college search criteria.
    • Set up an optional family meeting with the Academic counselor.
    • Identify a topic for your Extended Essay that aligns with your academic interests or career ambitions.
    • Visit local colleges on the weekends and other colleges during Winter and Spring breaks.
    • Meet periodically with the Academic counselor during the Spring semester to finalize your list of colleges.
    • Take your first SAT in March.
    • Read at least 4 books in addition to your assignments from class
    • Explore your academic and career interests over the Summer by reading books, visiting museums, attending lectures, and pursuing internships and volunteer opportunities.
    • Complete your Extended Essay research over the summer.
  • 12th Grade

    • Attend regular college application workshops. ESL students attend workshops on Academic English programs offered at local universities.
    • Meet with the Academic counselor at least twice a month from September-December to review your applications.
    • Create a schedule to successfully complete both IB assessments and college applications.
    • Request letters of recommendations from teachers at least six weeks before your first application deadline.
    • Retake the SAT or ACT as needed.
    • Visit more colleges.
    • Complete and file all applications.
    • Schedule a final meeting with the Academic counselor in the Spring to select the school or program your will attend.
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