Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Ready.

Our philosophy is aligned with KAA’s Seven Core Principles, the core principles that support the mission and vision of King Abdullah Academy are designed to produce a system of outcomes, practices, structures, and assessments based in an environment of collaboration and respect. The following principles provide the basis for the Academy's IB World curriculum infused with Islamic values with a focus on Language Learning:

  1. Students as self-directed, entrepreneurial learners;
  2. Teachers as designers and facilitators of innovative learning;
  3. Rigorous student-centered learning;
  4. Interdisciplinary learning and transdisciplinary themes as curriculum drivers;
  5. Competency-based learning;
  6. Learning grounded in the real-world and practical applications through service and action; and
  7. Character building.

King Abdullah Academy

The King Abdullah Academy is a remarkably bold and visionary new school for KG-12th grade in Herndon, VA.
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