The IB Diploma Program is for 11-12 grade students and requires students to study six subjects and a program core. One subject is chosen from each of Groups 1 to 5 and the sixth subject from Group 6 or, as an alternative, students can elect to study a second subject from Groups 1 to 4. The core of the Diploma Program consists of the theory of knowledge (TOK) course, the extended essay (EE), and creativity, action, service (CAS). Students may also choose to only take a selection of the IB courses as DP Course candidates at King Abdullah Academy.

Specialization in the DP is provided by requiring at least three [no more than four] of the six subjects to be studied at Higher Level (HL) which requires 240 hours of instruction over the course of 2 years. Breadth is provided by studying three subjects [two if four HL subjects are taken] at Standard level (SL) which requires 150 hours of instruction.

The IB Diploma Program Core 

TOK: Theory of knowledge provides a forum for discussion, reflection and instruction that considers the nature of human knowledge and supports the development of interdisciplinary understanding.

EE: The extended essay provides students with the opportunity to investigate an academic research question of individual interest and in the process to develop the independent research and writing skills expected for further education. The EE results in a 4,000-word research paper.

Creativity-Action-Service (CAS): Participation in the school’s CAS program broadens the educational experience by expecting students to be involved in creative, physical, and service activities over the course of 2 years. Students will develop CAS plans and a portfolio which will include reflections, interviews, and evidences based on CAS outcomes. Students seeking the full IB Diploma must complete all components of the DP core.

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