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Langley High School Model UN Conference

KAA students completed their participation in VIMUNC XI (the Langley High School MUN Conference) with remarkable success, securing seven awards. Additionally, our students exhibited exemplary behavior throughout the event, as evidenced by the absence of complaints and the lack of need for disciplinary action.
KAA students were competing against the best students in Northern Virginia.  There were probably 700 - 900 students participating.
Friday was for high school only. 27 high school students participated. Saturday was for high school and middle school. We had 26 high school students and 16 middle school students, for a total of 42 students.
Best Delegate (1st Place): Ryan Musmar (10th Grade) won a gavel for Best Delegate representing Kylian Mbappe in the Murder Mystery Crisis Committee. This is Ryan's first gavel, and KAA's second this year!
Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place): Bilal Zainulabideen (11th Grade) won this representing Stefano Domenicali in the Formula 1 Specialized Committee.
Honorable Delegation (3rd Place): The following students came in 3rd Place in their committees:
Zaid Shehata (8th Grade) representing Livingston in the Ocean's 11 Crisis Committee

Jood Boker (10th Grade) and Aminah Moustafa (10th Grade) representing Japan in the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)

Rawan Alsaeedy (10th Grade) representing Morrie Kessler in the Goodfellas Specialized Committee

Zaina Naffa (10th Grade) representing France in the United Nations Security Council
Verbal Commendation (4th Place): Rose Alnefisah won this representing James Harden in the Murder Mystery Crisis Committee.
    • Aminah Moustafa and Jood Boker

    • Zaid Shehata

    • Azaan Rizwan, Nabeel Ahmad, and Mphammad Alkimawi

    • Ryan Musmar

    • Bilal Zainulabideen

    • KAA Winners

    • Emaad Chaudry

    • Tim Hakim

    • Zaina Naffa

    • Zaid Shehata, Muhammad Boker, and Ali Ahmad

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