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Catwalk Event at KAA

To raise awareness about Big Cat conservation, and to encourage everyone to get active, KAA students and staff participated in “Catwalk” event, 7km outdoor walk at the school’s track, on November 1, 2021.

What is Catwalk?

Catwalk is a global, 7km outdoor walk, designed to raise awareness about Big Cat conservation while encouraging healthy practices in our personal environment.

The main goal is to highlight a simple fact: that our collective well-being is interconnected, and so it is incumbent on all of us to operate through empathy and provide spaces that we as humans would want to live and thrive in, and ensure the same for Big Cats.
    • KAA students wearing their hand-crafted face masks to support the cause

    • First grade students supporting lions, cheetahs, tigers, and more

    • Students holding signs in Arabic and English to support their favorite Big Cats

    • All KAA students and staff show empathy and walk for a better future

    • KAA students

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