Blue Sky Puppet Show on Bullying

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, we had a special guest from "Blue Sky Puppets" come in and give the elementary school a puppet show on bullying.
He did a great job involving students by singing songs about helping and being there for one another. Before starting the puppet show he was able to speak to the students and emphasized how to handle bullying by teaching and having students repeat after him saying, “walk, talk, tell.” During the show, he was able to tell little stories about bullying and how it made these characters feel which was a great way for these students to be interested yet still learn and benefit from the show.

After the show, he asked questions and picked on students to answer them about bullying and what to do. All in all, our guest, did a great job entertaining these students and being able to involve them with activities throughout the show that taught them insights on bullying and how to handle and prevent it in the future.
    • Blue Sky Puppets Show at KAA Auditorium

    • Elementary Students KG-5

    • Guest puppeteer from “Blue Sky Puppets”

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