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An Amazing Victory at the Model United Nations (MUN)!

Alexandria, Virginia. December 6/7, 2019 — 59 high school and middle school students (a record number) from the King Abdullah Academy (KAA) participated in the Thomas A. Edison Model United Nations (TAEMUN) Conference hosted by Edison High School.

Serving in general assemblies and specialized committees, the KAA students competed against students from 31 high schools and middle schools of Northern Virginia – including the large public schools. Many of the KAA students were competing for their very first time in an MUN conference. Moreover, this conference was the first competitive conference in which our middle school students participated.

What made this particular MUN Conference “An Amazing Victory” was the awards presented to our students. Last year, our MUN Club received only one award for the entire year – and it was an Honorable Mention. This year, KAA students won the award for Best Middle School and the following individual awards:

Best Delegate in the United Nations Security Council. This award went to Jena Musmar (11th Grade), who was representing the United Kingdom. It came with a gavel and a certificate. This was the first gavel won by KAA. Jena offered the following advice: “I advise for delegates to make a strong, good impression when they walk into the room. Your first impression is what the committee will notice first and act on.”

Outstanding Delegation in the World Health Organization went to Mariam Elhelaly (11th Grade) and Sara Alsulayem (11th Grade) representing Egypt. Mariam said that “I would advise other MUN members that want to win an award to put themselves out there, even though they might be shy at first. If you impact people with your words just once, they will continue to remember you for a long time afterwards.”

Maan Algarzae (9th Grade) and Hamad Alkharji (9th Grade) representing the Netherlands also won an Outstanding Delegation. Hamad reported that “I learned how to use the clauses and how to work on a position and resolution paper, and most importantly how to overcome my fears!”

Outstanding Delegation in the Middle School Special Political and Decolonization Committee went to Kawthar Aldawood (8th Grade) and Lemma Hejazi (8th Grade) representing United Arab Emirates. Kawthar said that “I loved TAEMUN so much! Everyone there was very respectful and our chairs were incredible. All the delegates were willing to work, but also wanted to have fun while doing it. I met many new people and I gained many experiences that are sure to help me in future conferences.” Kawthar’s committee partner Lemma Hejazi had this to say: “FINALLY ALL MY WORK HAS PAID OFF!!!!!”

Honorable Mention in the League of Arab States Committee went to Noor Abuzinadah (11th Grade) and Rawan Omar (11th Grade) representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rawan described winning. “I felt overwhelmed with emotions of excitement, shock and all-around happiness because this was my first conference and winning was the goal I wished to reach, and was so glad I got there.”

KAA also received Verbal Commendations in the League of Arab States Committee by Tala Shihadeh (9th Grade) and Ihsan Atallah (9th Grade) representing Qatar; and Thamer Alhussain (10th Grade) and Nawaf Almadi (10th Grade) representing Morocco.

Finally, KAA received Verbal Commendations in the Disarmament and International Security Committee represented by Hasnain Rizvi (10th Grade) and Aashir Chaudhry (10th Grade).

In addition to winning awards, the outstanding performance of the KAA students greatly impressed the Secretary General of the TAEMUN VII Conference, Safwat Chowdhury of Edison High School. He reported to Mr. Sarver that “I enjoyed the presence of your delegates. I had seen many of your delegates in committee and even during chair evaluations I spoke to them, and they showed nothing but true diplomacy and respect.”

KAA students are looking forward to the next MUN conference and future challenges.

    • Jena Musmar wins best delegate!

    • Mariam Elhelaly and Sara Alsulayem win Outstanding Delegation!

    • Kawthar Aldawood and Lemma Hejazi win Outstanding Delegation!

    • Maan Algarzae demonstrated that he is a natural leader in his first MUN Conference

    • Thamer Alhussain tries to convince delegates to adopt his proposal

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